Tom Wein


Tony Blair: London Mayor?

By Tom Wein

Tony Blair has announced his intention to "re-engage" with British politics. It is an event that has attracted much attention. With varying levels of horror and titillation, pundits of right and left have pored over his statements, and sought to divine his ambitions. They have variously predicted that he wants to be Prime Minister, or run the IMF, or the UN, or the EU. None of these seem especially plausible. Nor does the idea that he could be a member of the Shadow Cabinet; how, without overshadowing his own boss? Yet one prominent job has not been suggested: I believe Tony Blair may run for London Mayor.

AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

Broken Promises Amongst the Debris of London’s Riots

By Tom Wein

We were all shocked by the level of violence on London’s streets this week. I am proud to be a Londoner – and this is not the city I recognise. For many of us, the first question we have had to ask ourselves is: what is a safe route home? But once there, watching TV blazes and hearing real life sirens, the next question emerges: why? Why have the city’s youth suddenly decided to act as extras in our own production of A Clockwork Orange?